OSI Recruiting Process

OSI achieves a competitive edge in recruiting by two main strategies: efficient processes and effective technology, which are coupled with our recruiting structure and enhanced by the experience of our senior recruiters.

Efficient Processes

With over 20 years of experience in recruiting, OSI has developed certified processes for recruiting qualified candidates. These processes enable us to be methodical in our approach and reuse the best recruiting practices developed by our firm over the years. The OSI recruiting process includes the following before each candidate is submitted for a requisition:

  • Skill evaluation
  • Reference checks
  • Right to represent (from candidate, giving OSI permission to submit)
  • Negotiated rate
  • Social profile verification

Effective Technology

OSI utilizes multiple technology solutions and job boards, in a collaborative manner, to effectively recruit the best resources in the market. Some key technologies used by OSI are:

  • Resume parsing: technology that highlights (for searching) skills and work titles at previous/current project/jobs
  • Handshake: process and technology that increases the cooperation between our recruiters/managers and prospective candidates, helping us increase the speed at which we qualify candidates
  • Social Recruiting: connect with over 100 million candidates on social platforms
  • Cognitive Computing/Artificial Intelligence: using AI-based technologies coupled with natural language processing (NLP) to match candidates with jobs