Looking to Jumpstart your Career? Learn Spanish!

If you’re looking to get a leg up on candidate competition, it might benefit you to become bilingual. The world is an increasingly diverse place and many businesses have a global or international presence, meaning that knowing more than one language can be a huge asset in growing your career. If a job search comes… Read more »

You’re Invested in your Company, are they Invested in you?

You’ve done your homework and made sure that your resume and cover letter were tailored for their organization. You’ve done all your research and can talk intelligently about this company at your first, second, and third interviews. You know exactly how your experience and skills could translate to a new position in a new place.… Read more »

5 Tips to Stay Healthy at the Office

Your health matters. Better health has been linked to higher productivity and reduced stress, making it easier to not only enjoy your work life but possibly advance your career. Work can require long hours and a lot of time being sedentary at a desk, which can have a negative impact on your health. Here’s how… Read more »

7 Ways to reduce Your Stress at Work

Stress can happen to anyone. With long days, project deadlines, and high expectations, everyone is bound to feel strained at one point or another. What’s important is learning to manage it and prevent burnout. Successful stress reduction varies person to person, so here are some ideas to find what works for you. Get comfortable: Your… Read more »

2019: The Year of the Virtual Worker

According to some experts, virtual work is on the rise. While remote and telecommute work has grown steadily over the past few decades, it has become easier and more prevalent as technology has advanced. With this tech trend showing signs of significant growth, how might this affect your business? Greater flexibility: One of the biggest… Read more »

Are You Ready for IoT Implementation?

The Internet of Things is more than just a collection of tech buzzwords – it’s a growing, thriving segment of the tech industry. As IoT products expand, many businesses find they are not completely ready for IoT implementation, as IoT can span many parts of business and is not exclusively owned and operated by IT.… Read more »

The Professional Way to Negotiate Your Salary

Talking about money is something that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Even though salary is an important part of our lives – it helps us pay for food, shelter, and the other staples of our life – it’s not often discussed outside of a job offer, promotion, or annual review. Even when it’s a… Read more »

Improve Your Soft Skills to Increase your Hireability

When you’re applying for a job, your main focus is likely your experience and education and how it relates to the position you’re applying for. In IT, this is extremely important. You need to be able to speak the language of whatever technology you’re working with, and that usually means have a background in computer… Read more »

Future IT Prediction: Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has made the list of the top tech trends to watch for in 2019. One report notes that in only five years from now, businesses will be budgeting 20% towards quantum computing projects – a 19% increase over today. So exactly what is quantum computing and why does it seem to be on… Read more »