Hot IT Jobs: C# Programming Career Guide

What does the career of a C# programmer look like? As a modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language, C# developers, will often be involved in handling several aspects of developing an application including performance, scalability, security, testing, and other elements. Some developers are required to develop modern apps that run on desktop computers or design backend… Read more »

Stressed & Pressed, How to Know When your Employee is Reaching Burnout

Stress is a natural reaction in the body, but too much can be unhealthy. When people get overwhelmed, it can trigger an anxiety response, leading to an elevated heart rate, higher blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and other physical symptoms. Sometimes stress can be the motivation to take on a task, but it can also be… Read more »

What Jobs are in High Demand in the Tech Industry?

In 2018, the tech industry is experiencing much growth and many changes. Employment models are transitioning (contract, remote work) and skills sets are evolving. So, how does a tech worker chart their professional course in this constantly changing environment? Know What Jobs Are In-Demand For tech professionals, preparation is critical. Tech workers should be aware… Read more »