Looking to Jumpstart your Career? Learn Spanish!

If you’re looking to get a leg up on candidate competition, it might benefit you to become bilingual. The world is an increasingly diverse place and many businesses have a global or international presence, meaning that knowing more than one language can be a huge asset in growing your career. If a job search comes… Read more »

Future IT Prediction: Quantum Computing

Quantum computing has made the list of the top tech trends to watch for in 2019. One report notes that in only five years from now, businesses will be budgeting 20% towards quantum computing projects – a 19% increase over today. So exactly what is quantum computing and why does it seem to be on… Read more »

5 Hard-to-Spot IT Project Killers

Ideally, we want perfect harmony in our project team members. Just like a well-trained sports team, each member should know their role and work towards one common goal. As a project manager, you need to be able to quickly realize when your team is not in harmony. Here are five hard-to-spot IT project killers. Bad… Read more »

How to Match Newbies With Mentors to Bridge the Skills Gap

It’s no surprise that mentoring programs can provide a wide range of benefits to both mentees and mentors. Mentoring programs can offer a good deal of benefit to organizations as well. Companies that incorporate mentoring programs into their corporate identity are proven to have happier, more fulfilled employees. Moreover, these employees are less likely to… Read more »

Are You Asking the Right Questions Regarding Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is experiencing phenomenal growth. According to Theo Priestley, technology strategist, and Forbes contributor, by 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices, which calculates to a $19 trillion [business] opportunity.  With IoT becoming such an industry driver, how do organizations prepare for this technology shift? The Must Ask IoT Questions… Read more »

How to Advance Your IT Career

Job hopping is on the rise in the tech industry. At the largest tech firms, average tenures range from 1.23 years (Uber) to 2.02 years (Facebook). With this in mind, it’s critical that today’s IT professionals are always thinking about what’s next in their careers. This forward-thinking prevents complacency and stagnant growth. There are many… Read more »

Here Are the Keys to Staying Ahead of Other Candidates

As a new year begins, many workers are beginning to re-examine their career paths. Whether considering a job change, actively seeking other opportunities, or hitting the refresh button on an existing job search now is the right time to formulate a plan for the year ahead. Before starting to circulate the resume and hit the… Read more »

Trending Hot Jobs in 2018 in IT

Another year comes to a close. As such, job seekers are gearing up to take their job searches into the new year. The prediction for 2018 is that the IT world will continue its explosive growth including more in-demand jobs with higher pay. The Year Ahead: The Top Jobs for 2018 Per a CIO.com article… Read more »

Is Your Data Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Cyber attacks are on the minds of every CEO and corporate board in the world today. Each year corporations across the globe spend billions of dollars to secure corporate data and keep hackers out. When hackers are successful, it can cost a corporation greatly. The damage caused by hackers goes beyond financial burdens but extends… Read more »