OSI was a great company to work with as a contractor. I never had any problem getting a hold of anyone to answer questions or resolve any issues. Thank you!


It has been nice working with Sid, John, Lisa and Tiffany for these good ten years. Open Systems has a wonderful staff, and I always got an instant response for any requests/queries. Open Systems is a good company to work for, and I would recommend Open Systems to my friends if they are looking for any contract jobs. I will be in touch with you all, and I wish Open Systems success in the future.


Due to my personal family emergency, I moved out of my job. I would like to come back and work as soon as possible anywhere from the globe to OSI.


I am happy to have worked with Open Systems Inc. The staff at OSI were helpful and professional. Thank you for all your help and support.

Joji Mathew

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Open Systems, Inc. (OSI). By truly understanding our requirements and providing appropriate solutions, OSI has created a strategic partnership with Russell Corporation.

Right from the beginning, OSI established a dialog with key personnel, and quickly comprehended our overall business requirements. The people at OSI are not only expert programmers, but also communicate clearly and effectively with everyone involved in the project.

They met each milestone, as well as the critical deadlines, with solutions that exceeded our expectations. The resources provided by OSI are not only strong in technical skills, but also understood our requirements and provided new ideas to our business team. As a result, their solutions are strongly aligned to our unique business needs and practices, allowing us to maintain an edge in the market and to look at our business in new ways. As our company’s IT need evolve, we look forward to a continuing relationship with Open Systems Inc. to provide us with quality resources and software solutions.

Open Systems, Inc. has proved to be highly skilled as well as committed to solving our business needs. We look forward to a continuing relationship with OSI. In closing, I have no hesitation in recommending Open Systems Inc., I am confident they will be an asset to any organization.

Jane Cotney, Russell Corporation

All requirements and deliverables were met within the approved budget and in a timely manner.

Chief Technology Officer