How to Effectively Conduct a Confidential Search For a New IT Executive

Having the right leadership at the helm of your business can help your company achieve long term success.  Finding the right technical executives, like CIOs, can be both a mission-critical and sensitive task. As imperative as it is to focus on finding the right IT executive, keeping your search quiet is also important. Some businesses are concerned that if word gets out about their executive search, they could be seen as weak or that customers or employees may feel like they aren’t at their best. Here’s how working with a qualified IT recruiting partner, like Open Systems, can help you keep your search confidential and even help you recruit from competitors to give your business an edge.

  1. Company confidentiality: If your company posts a VP position on your career website, it will immediately be accessible and visible to anyone with Google and a web browser. You may think that this will enable you to find more candidates, but it may just be a way to start rumors, internally or externally. When you partner with a recruiting agency, they are doing two things. First of all, many don’t list the job posting at all – they’ll rely on network contacts to start their search and usually reach out to potential candidates directly. If they are listing the position on a job board, it will likely just say the name of the position, the area, and the industry without the company name listed or some kind of “company confidential” notice that doesn’t reveal that you’re the client looking to hire until some candidates have already been vetted.
  2. Better, discreet candidates: HR and recruiting firms know the network in the industry they work in like no one else. They won’t reach out to anyone who they don’t think has the potential and quality to be a serious applicant, and they know what makes a good candidate because the experience has been a great teacher. This means you won’t have to interview dozens of applicants, each who might go on to tell their management that your boss is looking to hire and spreading the information before you’re ready for the world to know about your executive leadership search.

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