Improve This 1 IT Skill to Get that Promotion

Working in IT requires a number of skills to be successful – a sound understanding of technology, such as programming skills, familiarity with several OS systems, and a handle on cybersecurity trends, as well an ability to problem solve, communicate clearly, and work with people (whether it’s software vendors or people who submit help desk tickets). It’s also important to have both an ability and desire to learn, because the nature of technology is constantly changing and advancing.

One of the most important skills to perfect to get a promotion, however, is organizational IQ. Organizational IQ means understanding your role in the bigger picture of your company and knowing how all the pieces of the organization work together. If you want a more prominent position, it’s important to be able to interact with people at all levels of the business. So many IT roles require a lot of unbroken concentration and heads-down work that it’s easy to forget the business significance of being able to work across departments and engage personably with people beyond just the responsibilities of your job.

Networking with coworkers isn’t always the first thing you think of when you make a list of tech skills or important IT abilities, but it’s a huge part of being recognized for more senior roles or leadership positions. How can you improve your organizational IQ and make your company take notice of you?

The easiest way to strengthen this skill is to identify ways you can connect with more people in or your organization. It’s okay to start small; join a fitness class at your onsite gym, host a programming class during the lunch hour, or RSVP yes to the after-work outing. The best ways to connect in meaningful ways are by being involved with things that you can get excited about.

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