Being Honest with Your Boss can Increase your Workplace Happiness

Even the best bosses aren’t mind readers. As scary as being honest with someone who supervises our work can be, communication is important. Plus, honesty doesn’t always equal being dramatic or gossipy; it can just be straightforward information.

Here’s why being more honest with your boss can help your workplace happiness.

  • Bosses are busy: We’re all busy and sometimes our workload and responsibilities cause some things might go unnoticed. If you feel like your work quality is being overlooked or you aren’t getting the direction you need for projects, talk to your boss directly. There’s a good chance that they aren’t ignoring you, but that they’ve gotten caught up in their own work and need an honest reminder of something they’ve missed.
  • Bosses can create change: Your boss can often be the most direct route to change. If you have a coworker who constantly makes inappropriate comments or doesn’t contribute to projects, your boss may be able to directly step in and help create some change. If not, they can help you escalate issues to whoever can help. If there are issues on your team that are affecting you, chances are they’re affecting someone else too and letting your boss know can improve the situation for everyone.
  • Bosses have bosses too: Your manager reports to someone. They have a responsibility to their boss to manage productive teams. This means your boss has a vested interest in your success and your job satisfaction; anything that makes you a better member of their team is not just good for you but can help them look good too.

Honest workplaces are healthier workplaces. Honest communication can always be conducted in a respectful and professional way and can help prevent future problems down the road. If you don’t feel like you can be honest with your boss directly, think about who in management or leadership you could speak with honestly.

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